Items on this page appear here as a portfolio of my work.
If you are interested in a piece shown here or have a specific
design in mind please contact me.

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Table made from a half log that has had woodwn bowls
cut out. The log still has the bark on. The glass top is 20" square
and the table stands 16" tall. Client supplied the log.


Hall table
Hall table. 36" x 14" x 30" tall
Wood top is a section of laminated semi-trailer floor
Steel finished with lacquer, wood finished with tung oil.


Free form glass top occasional table
14" diameter glass, about 20" tall.
Lacquer finish


Glass top table. 20" round beveled glass. About 22" tall.
Clear lacquer finish.


Oval dining table. 60" x 36" tempered glass
30" tall. Lacquer finish.


Glass top coffee table. 30" x 42" tempered glass
Stretcher across lower legs includes a friendship knot.
Lacquer finish


Glass top hall table. About 42" x 12"
Lacquer finish.


Tall occasional table with 12" x 12" tile top
18" x 13" x 28" tall
Lacquer finish


Glass top, tri leg occasional table.
12" glass sits down inside legs. About 20" diameter x 18" tall.
This is a stock pattern table, usually made in pairs.
Legs and lower shelf vary from one set to the next.


Tall dining table with marble top
42" diameter x 36" tall
Client supplied the top.

Pinned tenon table base
18" diameter x 22" tall without the top
Table top by Mike Althaver

If you have an old wooden table top, piece of glass, stone, marble or anything
that you have thought
would make a nice table top, lets talk.
I have built several custom table bases for clients using their tops