Items on this page appear here as a portfolio of my work.
If you are interested in a piece shown here or have a specific
design in mind please contact me.

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Candle stick on heavy base
About 8" square x 24" tall
Lacquer finish


Tall candle stand, free form , on white marble base
About 36" tall , base about 14" square
Lacquer finish


Tripple candle stand on white marble base
Lacquer finish
Uses 3" pillar candles
about 22" tall


Tripple candle holder with glass cups
About 24" tall x 14" diameter
Lacquer finish


Candle tray, free form
Sitting on a ring base which is forged to also provide
a handle and a ring to position the 3" candle
Usually about 8" square x 5" tall


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