Autumn Breeze is a collaborative work by glass artist Anne O’Connor and blacksmith Douglas Thayer. Together, the artists hoped to capture the grace and beauty of autumn in Michigan through a combination of elegant steel work and kiln fused glass. Douglas worked to create a frame from forged and fabricated mild steel which is both strong and whimsical. The artists then incorporated Anne’s glasswork into the circular panels created to hold them at angles which best capture the light. With this light flowing through the glass, the piece presents the viewer with the effect of walking through a birch forest in autumn. This is, in part, achieved by the presentation of both trees in the distance and those in up-close detail, showing the “forest through the trees.”

This work will be shown
September 18 - October 6
Independent Bank
86 Monroe Center NW Suite 101
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Vote Code 54711

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